A few word about us..

A village teacher,
Mr. Mürteza

During 1950’s in the city Sivas – Zara a lot of effort had been made by Teacher Mürteza Üstündağ (Mürteza the hodja) with a passion to start technical apiculture. Now these efforts are turned into third generation natural honey production and Umay Herbal brand.

Starting from 1980’s, in Turkey, there were unnatural way of honey production starting from using glucose (glucose honey) that redirects beekeepers to the easy way fortunately we still have those people doing honey production in natural way, as it should be. Umay Herbal not only carries out natural production with its family bee farms but also chooses its bee farm partners from doing natural production. Umay Herbal worked with CERES Gmbh for organic production certificate and the certification process was completed on June 2015.

Our natural product perspective applies also for herbal products so that we only supply natural dried herbal products. That is why we just offer whole buds and whole leaf not the mixed ones. Our products are provided after they passed the agricultural pesticide tests.


Our team, which have been supplying honey and herbal product to well known brands for many years, now have started to serve with our brand since 2015.


Our brand is registered to Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock with the number TR-34-K-100000 and our products are manufactured in accordance with the regulations.


Umay Arıcılık ve Bitkisel Ürünler San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

What we offer you ?


Pure natural bee products

We provide our products after all products are subject to glucose, humidity, protein and HMF analysis.


International Organic Product Certificate

Organic manufacturing is accomplished under the supervision of CERES Company from Germany meaning that manufacturing process also fulfills EU regulations.


Only herbal itself

We provide our herbal products in the form of pure herbal leaf or bud. We don’t provide neither powder mixed nor shredded products for our customer’s safety.