Organic Flower Honey

From Sivas-Zara-Gürlevik Mountain district of Anatolia


Organic Royal Jelly

Pure Royal Jelly, Liquid, %100 Natural


Organic Polen

From Sivas-Zara-Gürlevik Mountain district of Anatolia

Organic Kids Syrup

Organic Flower Honey Organic Royal Jelly ve Organic Propolis containing syrup

Organic Propolis

Raw or Water-based Extract, %100 Natural (price is given for 60 ml)

Organic Mix

Organic royal jell + honey + propolis + polen mix 

Organic White Honey

From Sivas-Zara-Gürlevik Mountain district of Anatolia, %100 Organic Special roduction White Honey


What is the Organic Honey?

Honey production can be classified as conventional and organic production. Conventional honey is subject to natural honey regulation. As required this regulation, conventional honey must fulfill glucose profile, HMF, diastase and praline parameters given in regulation. The regulation does not stipulate any controls on antibiotics or pesticide residue.

On the other hand, organic honey assessments are performed against both Turkish Food Codex Honey Statements and Organic Agriculture Law & Regulation on organic agriculture fundamentals and applications. With this regulation, it is required to conduct analysis on antibiotics and pesticide residue. In addition, there are some environmental concerns that must be taken into account such as: There must not be any farming area, asphalt road or residential area in 5km proximity. Audits are performed by accredited companies for each year not only on bee-farm but also on products.

Umay Herbal Organic

Our organic products are produced in Sivas-Zara-Gürlevik Mountain district of Anatolia. The products have high nutritional value due to specialized area with its rich flora, endemic plants and wild flowers that live on high altitude. Thanks to this high altitude around 2000m our products conform organic product requirements.

Our products are audited and assessed according to Organic Agriculture Law& Regulation by CERES Company from Germany and certification process are completed successfully. During organic certification process, assessments are also performed for EU regulations and norm as well.

Certification process are conducted both on bee products and manufacturing area. Certificate Id: TR-713
Bee Product Catalogue 2016-2017